Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Toni Alonso, VCI-Group President, panelist at Upcoming Conference Workshop.

This year Elliot Gold and Telespan will be conducting the Eighth Annual Future of Conferencing Workshop on March 7th – 8th at the Palace Station Hotel in Las Vegas.
In the past this workshop typically drew many companies to discuss the future of conferencing and what they were going to sell to End Users (you and me).  Now, Elliot has given it a new spin. Yes, Manufacturers and Conference Service Providers (CSPs) still attend the workshop; but, so do us End Users.  And this time we have a voice in the workshop to let the Manufacturers and CSPs know what we want and need for them to manufacture, sell and support.

This year Elliot will address such topics as; WebRTC – the application everyone keeps stating is going to change how we do our jobs, social media and that errant mobility.

Take this opportunity and use the VCI-Group discount to attend what appears to be an enticing, thought provoking workshop on the future of conferencing which will impact our future as Strategists, Implementers and Supporters of this technology and applications.
Toni Alonso – VCI-Group President
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