Monday, March 18, 2013

Compass Business Solutions offers discounts To VCI Group Principal Members

Compass Business Solution is now offering VCI-Group members a 15% discount on training opportunities including VIVND and TVS courses.  This discounts more than covers the cost of your membership, and provides you with training from the global leader of videoconferencing and telepresence product line training. To take advantage of this offer please visit VCI Group membership benefits and login using your VCI Group Credentials. If you are not a VCI-Group member please visit and sign-up today for VCI Group.

Compass offers online courses for end-users and operators. Electronic end-user and operator product training provides students with a curriculum designed to be available anytime, anywhere and on-demand. As a VCI-Group Member you will receive a registration code and save 15%.

Compass Business Solutions is a learning company focused on helping people use and support video communication and telepresence technologies to improve their business. Training sessions follow a best practices approach to optimize all aspects of video usage and support. Compass was founded in 2008 by industry professionals who have been working with telecommunication and video technologies since 1989 and who helped launch Tandberg University in the USA in 2006, then becoming Cisco’s first authorized Telepresence Specialist Learning Partner in the US.

VCI-Group is the knowledge-sharing community that shapes the Visual Communications Industry and is a community comprised of 500+ end-users and vendors focused on videoconferencing, telepresence, Unified Communications and/or collaboration technology. Membership consists of individuals from organizations that make visual communications purchasing decisions or recommendations and create implementation strategies, and/or support the technology. Membership information can be found at

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Quick Look at The Mezzanine Conference Room

A Quick Look at The Mezzanine Conference Room


The dual monitor collaboration setup is becoming more and more common in standard business meeting rooms. Generally, one monitor will be dedicated to videoconferencing, and the second will be dedicated to basic screenshare. The Mezzanine Conference Room by Oblong takes this basic concept to the extreme, by not only increasing the number of screens in use, but vastly improving their flexibility and usability. The result is a next generation collaboration space capable of producing attention grabbing presentations, as well as increasing the productivity of your working teams.

I reached out to David Kung, VP at Oblong, to learn more about the Mezzanine conference room. After all, anyone can hang big monitors all over the walls and call it a collaboration space, so what makes this so special. The answer, as I soon learned, is the intuitive user interface which allows users to effectively use these screens in unexpected ways.

ContinueReading the rest of the story at Telepresence Options.

Monday, March 11, 2013

VCI-Group and Avcomm Solutions Offer Member Discounts

VCI-Group has teamed up with Avcomm Solutions, Inc. to provide high quality audio/video hardware accessories to our members at a discounted rate.  Avcomm Solutions, Inc. offers an extensive line of products ranging from individual web cameras to large conference room speakerphones.  Avcomm also specializes in Jabra headset solutions. 
Avcomm Solutions, Inc. provides exceptional customer service and technical support.  They maintain a strong business relationship with the manufacturers they represent, which ensures competitive pricing and a high level of product knowledge.  Avcomm's product portfolio is positioned to support the ever-growing Unified Communication market. 

To take advantage of this offer please visit VCI Group Users member discount and login using your VCI Group Credentials. If you are not a VCI-Group member please visit and sign-up today.

Friday, March 1, 2013

March 2013 VCI-Group President’s Message


We are now one quarter into the year – yes, time does move fast.  This month we should be focusing on the new products and services that will no doubt be announced by most manufacturers and service providers at Enterprise Connect.
 This is the first and one of the new conferences that is really picking up momentum in the industry as it is comprised of an exhibit floor, educational sessions and relevant key note presentations.
 Our job as strategists, implementers and supporters of conferencing and collaboration technology and services depends upon knowing what is emerging, what is new and what no longer will exist in this industry.
 I think the question that we each need to ask ourselves as we review what is new in the industry is “what is the culture of your organization/company”?  Is your company willing to be ‘bleeding edge’, do they want to be the first to implement a new service or infrastructure?  Are they willing to be a guinea pig?  Or does your company prefer that something has been in the industry for at least a year, which other companies have implemented it and you can learn from their challenges?  Or is it possible that your company is a laggard?  Perhaps you do not implement something until it has been in the market for at least 3 to 5 years?
 Whatever your company’s culture – none of them are wrong.  It simply determines whether you are risk adverse or not; whether the implementation of a technology of service can be disruptive to your organization. 
 Take advantage of organizations, networking opportunities and social media to engage with other individuals who are in your same vertical and who have the same challenges as you.  All of us like to talk about our successes; and, surprisingly enough will also speak about our failures.  Join various organizations on LinkedIn, Facebook; and, become a member of the Visual Communications Industry Group – there are many of us who are willing to “tell it like it is”.
 The best way to service your company and your clients is to stay informed.  Continue to go to our website often to see what webinars, training sessions and discounts are available to you as a Visual Communications Industry Group member.