Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The VCI-Group Launches the Visual Collaboration Industry Sourcebook

The VCI-Group Launches the Visual Collaboration Industry Sourcebook

The VCI-Group has also been working hard to refresh and update their programs and resources to meet the needs of today's visual collaboration users. With this in mind, the VCI-Group has partnered with Telepresence Options to create the best third party, free, resource in the industry. The new VCI-Group Visual Collaboration Industry Sourcebook is a great start for those seeking to learn about the technology and organizations in this space.
The new Sourcebook features quick links to VCI-Group benefits and resources, including the new VCI-Group Membership Discount program. You can also sign up for the next VCI-GroupLive! session, or check out the archives to catch up on what you missed. As new programs come on-line from this revitalized organization, they will be immediately reflected in the Sourcebook.

In addition to the VCI-Group resources, the Sourcebook features a quick and easy categorization of the key industry segments. We ditched the laundry list of niche subcategories, in favor of keeping things simple for the reader. The categories and entries will continue to be regularly updated and altered as this quickly developing industry continues to evolve.

ContinueReading the rest of the story at Telepresence Options.

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