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May 2013 VCI-Group President’s Message

May 2013 VCI-Group President’s Message

We need  YOU.  There is so much more we could offer our members if we had additional volunteers. The Board of the VCI-Group is made up of individuals who have regular jobs whether they work for a company, a vendor or are consultants.  Each of us work more than 40 hours a week at our regular job, has a family life and then volunteers on the Board.

Why do I bring this up?  It is because we can use more individuals assisting us in the transformation and development of the organization.  We are busily putting together and delivering a very comprehensive educational program.  This program will be comprised of industry webinars, vendor product/service announcements and soon accredited courses on trends in the industry.  The Education Committee continues to search and provide various avenues to provide YOU, our members with up-to-the-minute information on our industry.  We can always use more individuals to assist in the production of the webinars, to be participants on the webinars and/or to advise us as to what topics you are interested in.
The Education Committee is also responsible for the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) of which there are three; Distance Learning, Technical and Engineering and Healthcare.  Both the Distance Learning and Healthcare SIGs have gotten off to a good start and are having meetings regularly.  Either check the Events calendar on our website for the next meeting or look for announcements in our Newsletter.  These interactive roundtable discussions are arguably the most valuable member-to-member learning opportunities we offer. We would like to begin sessions for the Technical and Engineering SIG and need someone who would be willing to Chair these meetings – any takers?  Please let Doug know if you are interested.
Chairperson:  Doug Pearson, Accenture,

Other committees which are extremely busy and can use some assistance include our Technology Committee – responsible for the VCI-Group website.  The website is undergoing a major transition; if you have not visited it lately I urge you to do so.  You will notice that there is an Industry Source Book which will help you navigate for the right vendor for either a product or service.  The Events calendar is becoming quite robust with a listing of all webinars and conferences in our industry and discounts associated with them.  To be cognizant of our expenses a couple of individuals edit the website on a daily basis.  Where can you help?  We could use individuals who are website gurus or who know Flash. 
Chairperson:  Chris DiFiglia, North Shore LIJ Health System,

The Marketing Committee is responsible for all information that is published regarding the organization and its activities.  Twice monthly a PR web is written that will speak to the highlights or our focus for that month.  We are very involved with Social Media; LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Blogs – we can always use more individuals to blog and tweet.
Chairperson:         Todd Hughes, Western Kentucky University,       

Lastly, there is the Membership Committee whose focus is on growing the membership including both End Users and Vendors and ensuring that each of these members are receiving value for their dollars.  We always want to hear from our Members what they want from us, what should we offer and that you are paying the right amount for the services.  There is strength in numbers and we look to you to spread the word of this organization to your peers, colleagues and vendors.
Chairperson:  Catherine Takacs, Tata Communications,

As an organization of volunteers who are passionate about our industry, I wanted you to be aware that you can have a voice, an influence on the organization without necessarily being a Board Director.  With that in mind, if you feel that you can offer value to any of these committees please reach out to the Chairperson and let them know.  We would appreciate your involvement and as they say, “many hands make quick work”. 

Toni Alonso
President, VCI-Group

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