Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 2013 VCI-Group President’s Message

June 2013 VCI-Group President’s Message

By now you would have received several messages from us regarding the upcoming conference.  This year we will not be conducting a conference in October as we have in the past, due to the increasing cost of these events.

Throughout this year we have been communicating that we are in the process of transforming the organization and our focus has been on providing you with quality, relevant educational sessions inexpensively.  Last week’s VCI-Group Newsletter referenced a couple of webinars that we are hosting; as well as, the focus of our Distance Learning and HealthCare SIGs (Special Interest Groups).  Likewise if you visit the Events section of our website; you will see what other conferences and webinars are available to you throughout the industry and what VCI-Group discounts are available.

We are in negotiations with several other organizations that host conferences and may be doing a partnership with one or two of them in the near future.  We are also working with some of the large manufacturers in the industry to see about hosting an event in some of the large metropolitan cities throughout the country; and, potentially doing a virtual meeting.

We understand that one of the benefits of being a VCI-Group member is the networking and “catch up” we do annually with our peers throughout the world, country and industry.
In the meantime, please take advantage of meeting virtually, through social media and at the various educational events that we will be conducting throughout the year.  We especially want to encourage you participate in our Special Interest Groups and listserv conversations that enable direct interaction with your peers on issues that matter to you.  One of the benefits of being a VCI-Group member is that you are never alone.
Toni Alonso
President, VCI-Group

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