Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Video Endpoint Lifecycle Strategies: Upgrade or Replace?

Date: Thursday, October 17th, 2013 - 1:00 PM ET
Topic: Video Endpoint Lifecycle Strategies: Upgrade or Replace?
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Howard Lichtman
Human Productivity Lab, Founder & President

JD Vaughn
Host - 
Co Founder and Chief Catalyst Sage Research Consulting and Recruiting
Description: We all face the recurring question of what to do next with our video systems when they approach that end-of-life mark in their life cycle. Your current supplier has no doubt provided the ‘next generation’ pitch, but is it time to make a big change or go with the flow? Join our panelists as they discuss the options and relevant considerations as the industry shifts to more software-based endpoints. What does this mean for conference room systems? Is it time to outsource the infrastructure? Is their more risk in moving to a new provider than staying with the current one? What criterion do you apply for the next generation of endpoints?
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