Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Quick Look at The Mezzanine Conference Room

A Quick Look at The Mezzanine Conference Room


The dual monitor collaboration setup is becoming more and more common in standard business meeting rooms. Generally, one monitor will be dedicated to videoconferencing, and the second will be dedicated to basic screenshare. The Mezzanine Conference Room by Oblong takes this basic concept to the extreme, by not only increasing the number of screens in use, but vastly improving their flexibility and usability. The result is a next generation collaboration space capable of producing attention grabbing presentations, as well as increasing the productivity of your working teams.

I reached out to David Kung, VP at Oblong, to learn more about the Mezzanine conference room. After all, anyone can hang big monitors all over the walls and call it a collaboration space, so what makes this so special. The answer, as I soon learned, is the intuitive user interface which allows users to effectively use these screens in unexpected ways.

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